Dear Customer, welcome to my apartment!

Imagine yourself in a carriage in the early 1900s and entering a small tunnel that takes you inside a courtyard. Go down and, in front of you, stands a stone staircase that leads to a building owned by a local squire.

We enter the building … and there, on the third floor, there is a bright and quiet apartment of 136 square meters which, 120 years later, is destined to become yours!

Are you curious to see it? 

Let’s start from here:

This is the entrance. The floors in this room are still the original ones from 1900, called “alla Genovese”, left like this because they are in perfect condition. The walls are embellished with a beautiful fabric upholstery that conveys a pleasant feeling of warmth.

The window overlooks the Church of the Ten Thousand Crucified Martyrs and the adjacent playgrounds designed for children and the elderly.

From the entrance, three double-leaf wooden doors (renovated to bring their original beauty back to life), lead us to three different wings of the house: the first, on the right, leads to a small corridor that overlooks a storage room, a small room and a large double bedroom; the other, the one you can see from the previous photo, leads to the kitchen and bathroom; finally, the last one gives us access to the anti-lounge, the living room and a single bedroom.

Let’s start with the kitchen, the hearth of every family.

The room is played on shades of white and sugar paper, typical colors of the Ligurian tradition; the floors are in klinker tiles, a special resistant and anti-abrasive material and, on the white walls, there are decorated tiles that reflect the colors of the kitchen.

The kitchen furniture will be left with the apartment. On the left, through two steps, you enter the bathroom.

The bathroom, with an original and refined shape also due to the particular position it occupies in the geometric design of the building, shows three arched wooden windows, with anti-scratch and anti-noise satin glass. The tiling is entirely made with original Valentino tiles, which will be supplied with an entire box.

Now let’s go back to the entrance and move to the hall.

The anti-living room looks like a part of the living room separated from the living room through an arch in the wall and, like the living room and the adjoining bedroom that can be glimpsed from the photo, has an olive parquet flooring and blue tapestry on the walls . From it you have direct access to the salon.

Here it is!

Large, open, with the coffered ceiling created at the beginning of the last century, completely restored by a special company.

Here are some details, both of the drawers and the parquet:

But let’s say that now we are tired and we want to see where, at the end of the day, we can rest.

If we are a child, well, the ideal room is the bedroom. Light blue upholstery, olive wood parquet and trapezoid-shaped perimeter!

But, if we are adults, this is certainly our room!

Next to the room there is a lovely room that I have always used as a reading room but which, if necessary, can be transformed into another bedroom!

This room also has beautifully restored frescoes on the ceiling.

The tour of the apartment is over but there are still a few things that are important for you to know:

  • the heating is self-heating;
  • all the windows in the apartment are pitchpine;
  • there is no elevator, putting it on would have meant ruining the historicity of the structure a little;
  • neighbors are good people;
  • the annual administration is around 1500.00 euros;
  • Together with the apartment, a parking space inside the courtyard, now called “the square”, will be sold, included in the price. Here it is:

This is the floor plan of the entire apartment(click to download PDF file)

  • When you arrive, your first impression of the square will not be good: there is in fact a large construction site open with a 30-meter crane to show off! But don’t worry, it’s temporary. The company that had the contract went bankrupt and now another one has taken over which, within a couple of years, will put everything back in place, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

And now, since you are not a local, let me tell you a little more. The place where the apartment is located is logistically optimal. Excluding the fact that exactly in front of the entrance tunnel to the square there is one of the best bakeries in Genoa, we are exactly under the bus stop; from there, in two stops you can be at the train station (Brignole railway station) and the subway. Just think that with just one metro stop you can get to Piazza De Ferrari, the magical place where the Carlo Felice Opera House and Palazzo Ducale are located. Continuing on the underground line, with another stop you get off at Loading where the Porto Antico of Genoa is located, with the aquarium and observatory; if you don’t want to go to the port instead, but just enjoy a bit of the sea, from the Brignole station in a couple of stops you can get to Corso Italia where, among other things, the largest and most important Luna Park is located in the winter of Europe. In the station square there is the bus that takes you to the airport. On the left of the square, always seen from the station, there is the Teatro della Corte di Genova, one of the most important theaters in Italy and, crossing the large square, you find yourself in Via XX Settembre, the beating heart of the city center. On the other side of the one just described, the apartment is located just 400 meters from a large, well-stocked market and 800 meters from the Marassi Stadium, a real delight for football lovers! Always going forward in the same direction, there is the highway to get to wherever you want by car. I think I have told you everything but, for all your curiosities, I entrust you in the hands of Mrs. Deborah. I hope to see you soon!